About Our Company

Transforming our community through equitable access to clothing!

We believe clothing is indeed a fundamental need for humans, alongside food and shelter. Unfortunately, many individuals around the world face the difficult choice of allocating their limited resources between these basic necessities, including clothing.

When financial resources are scarce, people often prioritize food and shelter over clothing. In some cases, individuals may rely on second-hand or donated clothing, which may not always meet their specific needs or preferences. Additionally, those experiencing homelessness or living in inadequate conditions may face even greater challenges in obtaining suitable clothing.

Addressing the issue of clothing insecurity requires a multifaceted approach. It involves efforts to alleviate poverty and improve access to affordable housing and employment opportunities. Initiatives that focus on providing clothing assistance, such as clothing drives, donations, and community programs, can also make a significant difference.

Recognizing clothing as a basic need underscores the importance of collective efforts to ensure that everyone has access to adequate clothing alongside other essential necessities.

What We Believe!

Why Charge for Clothing?

As we collect clothing and launder them, we incur a minimal cost. We want to ensure this program and those to follow continue with little impact to accessibility. The nominal fee is based on each garment not their quality or their size as in a traditional thrift store or retailer.

Here's what our clients & partners say

"I am so grateful for the Community Closet! They helped us to liquidate a few tons of clothing from our inventory. I couldn't be more grateful. We will use them as a service provider again!"

- Q. Palmer Closet of Love

"I have received a few items from them for a client of our agency! They quickly provided winter gear for a family displaced by a fire."

- Brian Jones

"Watching the team at work is mesmerizing. They truly care about the environment and providing clothing to members of our community!"

- Anonymous Community Member